Independence Day Special

  1. Proceeding of the “Komagata Maru” Committee of enquiry October 23rd – December 4th 1914
    Pub - 1914
  2. “Komagata Maru” enquiry Committee report reveals the Ghadar rebellion which had taken place in Canada, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia & Other Far Eastern Country.

  3. Speeches delivered by his Excellency Sri Chakrovarti Raja Gopalacharya, Governor of West Bengal, 15th August 1947 - 19th June 1948.
  4. Sri Chakrovarti Rajagopalacharya’s 23 speeches in 1947, 61 in 1948 were made in different places on different occasions like Independence Day, convocation ceremony at Santiniketan, on the occasion of unveiling of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Madras & so on.

  5. Elucidation of the articles of impeachment preferred by the last Parliament against Warren Hastings, Esq., Late Governor General of Bengal by Ralph Broome, Esq.
    Pub - 1790
  6. This book explains not only the biography of Governor General Warren Hasting but also reflects multi-dimensional actively of him including his impeachment.

  7. Sannyasi & Fakir raiders in Bengal by Rai Sahib Jamini Mohan Ghosh
    Pub - 1930
  8. Jamini Mohan Ghosh being a Bengali Civil Servant has depicted the first anti-colonial resistance like the Sanyasi & Fakir rebellion.

  9. Bengal past & Present Journal of the Calcutta Historical Society
    1907 - 1970 (88 books)
  10. Bengal Past & Present is an old journal reflecting the various issues not only of Bengal but also of India and the contemporary world.

  11. The Annals of Rural Bengal by W.W. Hunter
    Pub - 1868 Vol I
  12. The Annals of Rural Bengal depicts the Bengal Famine of 1769 – 70. It also shows the rural history of lower and south Bengal.